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Secrets of the Scammers revealed in new Channel 5 series

With recorded cases of fraud up 25% last year, scammers are on the increase and are finding new ways to con innocent people out of their hard earned cash.

Now a new series, Secrets of the Scammers, presented by Alexis Conran (The Real Hustle, Hustling America) will investigate the latest forms of financial fraud.

From phone scams to postal fraud and online cons – Alexis meets the people who have lost money to fraudsters and warns us of the array of clever tricks they employ. With the help of fraud experts, he shows viewers how to avoid falling victim to the scammers and their ever evolving tactics.

In episode one, The North East Regional Special Operations Unit reveals how they captured a gang of ‘tarmac scammers’ operating across the UK and Alexis visits the Eastbourne Trading Standards Scam Hub to find out how postal fraudsters take advantage of the elderly by duping them out of their life savings.

Viewers meet Shirley who was held to ransom on her laptop by online scammers, and ethical hacker, Scott McGready shows us why we shouldn’t believe everything in our text inbox.

In episode two, members of the National Trading Standards eCrime team and the West Midlands police break down doors to get to the online scammers, Alexis meets the man who could have made £13 million pounds in one day if he’d been on the wrong side of the law, and we hear from a former MI6 man and his wife who thought they were working for the police but were actually helping the scammers.

The final episode features Sheila who staked her future on a fake fiancée but lost out in an online romance scam that left her penniless and heartbroken. Ethical Hacker Scott looks at the amount of incriminating information we put online and gives three social media users the fright of their lives. Finally, how do you stop your bank cards being cloned? Senior Fraud Prevention Officer at Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit, Tony Blake shows fraud victim Amanda how the fraudsters discovered her details and stole her cash at an ATM.

Secrets of the Scammers is produced by STV Productions for Channel 5 and starts on Wednesday 21 October at 7pm.


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